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Health spas in Italy: Bormio thermal springs

There are two places you can go in Bormio, Valtellina to enjoy the natural health spas after a day of skiing or hiking in Italy.
There are the “Bagni di Bormio” and the “Terme di Bormio” and we recently tried the latter, so we can give you some advice about the thermal spring health spa in Italy’s Lombardy region.

The Bagni di Bormio are part of the facilities at the Grand Hotel of Bormio Baths, and the structure has both new baths and more traditional Roman baths with underground grottos that capture the naturally warm spring water.
Massage and beauty treatments are available, with the entrance cost to the health spa at about 40 euros, and massages ranging from 35 euros for a 25 minute massage and 125 euros for a full treatment.

All of which might sound a bit costly if you’ve just paid for a ski pass to Bormio and just want some relaxation time.
In which case, the Terme di Bormio are a better option.
Right near Bormio’s town centre, these thermal baths are a more modern structure with the same thermal mountain waters and massage and beauty treatments.

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