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Italian Lakes: Stresa and Isola dei Pescatori, Lake Maggiore

Just an hour from Milan and on the shores of Lake Maggiore there’s the town of Stresa; from there you can sail for the beautiful isola dei Pescatori or Fishermen Island, the most northerly island of the Borromeo archipelago; for its position the place is also known as the Isola Superiore.

Visitors are always taken aback by its uncontaminated beauty; a place where time has stood still and the small village looks as it used to look centuries ago.
Its chief attraction is the enchanting church of Saint Vittore; the building of which took more than five centuries (11th -17th century).

Inside the church visitors can also admire the amazing statues of Saints Peter and Andrew, the two fishermen who became apostles and left everything to follow Jesus .
Isola dei pescatori

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