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The Times says thanks to Rome and its legions

In a long interview granted to The Times, Tony Wilmott, an archaeologist with the English Heritage affirms that he has found the exact spot where the Roman legions disembarked in 43 AD.
Mr Wilmott talks at length about the objects that have been unearthed; vases, coins and slabs of precious marble.

The archaeologist also says that thanks to the Romans the history of England took a different path; if today the English drink wine instead of beer, are not all redheaded and speak English and not Welsh, they must say thanks to them.

Luckily for us, goes on Tony Wilmott, the Romans didn’t fail when they invaded our Island; hot water, large and straight roads and a new heating system were introduced into Britain by the Romans.
Had they failed to conquer England, we would have had to wait centuries for those modern conveniences.

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