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Kim and the city – a portrait

© gdcgraphics (Flickr) Kim Cattrall
© gdcgraphics (Flickr)

One of four children born in Liverpool England, Kim Cattrall began her career after graduating in 1972. After her debut, Rosebud in 1975, she starred in several television programmes before playing Dr Gabrielle in The Incredible Hulk.

It was her casting as Samantha Jones in 1997 that gained her international recognition. After six seasons and two movies, Samantha became a role model to many women due to her braving her stint with cancer and finally finding a man she truly loves. And if Samantha is convincing as a “try-it-all-once” woman, its because Cattrall has the same sense of confidence that her character portrays.

Once, when asked at the Emmys, what she was wearing underneath her gown, she replied “Confidence.” She posed topless for artist Tom Hunter, recreating two classic Titan paintings. This was an effort to preserve the paintings for public display at the National Gallery. Hunter remarked that she was “the perfect Diana”. Cattral has always had the spirit that makes women want to be her friend, and men her lover.

However, she has been accused of having bitter feuds with her co-actors, notably the series’ star, Sarah Jessica Parker, which both have consistently denied. When asked of her relationships with the others, she says that they are almost like a family since the characters they portray are “like parts of one, complete woman.” “You can have a morning like Charlotte, an afternoon like Miranda and an evening, hopefully, like Samantha! That why you can relate to these woman”, she added. Cattrall once said that she did not want to escape the legacy that she has created with Samantha.

With a strong career, even before the iconic series began, she remains one of the most sought-after actresses on TV and in Hollywood. It remains that when women are asked which Sex and the City character they are, more often than not, they reply “I am Sam.”

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