Coronavirus UK, first GP dies: he was 76

Doctor Habibi Zaidi is the first GP to die after being sick because of the virus: he sacrificed his life for his profession.

Coronavirus UK first GP dies
Coronavirus UK first GP dies

Dr Habibi Zaidi, died after being sick on previous day. Tests have yet to confirm whether he had Covid-19, but his daughter said he had “textbook symptoms”. It’s because the doctor sacrificed his life for his profession. His daughter, Dr Sarah Zaidi said that he was treated as a “definitive case”, and said there was little doubt he had Coronavirus.

Coronavirus UK, first GP dies

The 76 years-old man has served three generations of tens of thousands of families living in the town of Southend for 49 years. Based on family Statement, Dr Zaidi was given the lifetime achievement award of “unsung hero” last year by the local Southend healthcare system. He got that not only he serve his patients, working tirelessly for them, but he never stopped driving to innovate, continually develop, and drive up quality.

The family feel overwhelmed, touched, and comforted by the many kind tributes they have received. It makes him drive untu the very end During life, Dr Zaidi managing partner of Eastwood Group Practice with his wife Dr Talat Zaidi. Ian Gilbert, leader of Southend Council, said: “We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dr Zaidi. Dr Zaidi and his family are well known and well loved within the community.”

Before death, he had been self-isolating and hadn’t seen patients in person for a week. A former of his patient wrote beautiful message, “A kinder more caring gentleman, doctor and friend you would be hard to find”. Until yesterday, officially confirmed that 133 people died after contracting Coronavirus. It means, a total of 578 in Britain killed because of Coronavirus while 11,658 positive with Covid-19. There are 4,300 beds in NHS hospitals have already been taken by virus patients as doctors, nurses and other medical staff work round the clock.


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