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Police break car window to save dogs: owner protests

the 2 four-legged friends were locked in the vehicle with 24°, according to some sources the owner did not feel he was in the wrong in any way.

2 police officers had to break the window of a car to save the 2 dogs left inside by the owner. The temperature of 24°C could have been fatal. The owner protested: “Why did you break my car window? I was only gone for 10 minutes”.

Police break the car window to save the dogs: the incident

It all happened in the region of Sussex, in the city of Brighton: the two police officers were forced to use strong hands to save the two four-legged friends left criminally inside the car, with an external temperature of at least 24 degrees.

Police break car window to save dogs: owner protests

The actual damage to the vehicle has not yet been declared, but regardless of this, the owner (both of the dogs and of the car) thoughtfully complained to the two officers about the action: in his view, there was no need to force anything, since the time he had spent away from the car was not sufficient to endanger the two animals.

There is, however, a slightly more disturbing version, which some witnesses told The Sun tabloid: according to some witnesses, the man’s complaints were not related to the danger he had put the two poor animals in. His anger was only motivated by the damage caused to his car, ignoring completely what is, in fact, a real crime.

Police break car window to save dogs: why it is a crime to leave them locked inside

First of all, it is good to remember that: “leaving a dog locked in the car for several time, under the sun and in high temperatures, is a behaviour that integrates the crime of abandonment and incompatible detention of an animal, regulated by Article 727 of the Criminal Code“.

There is a whole series of procedures to know and follow in such cases (which will not be explained here). Suffice it to say that what happened is more than justifiable by the police.

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