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Tory MPs between Boris Johnson and Covid restriction

The cases announced on Sunday had fallen in the fifth day in a row. 

Tory MPs between Boris Johnson and Covid restriction

Tory MPs pressure Boris Johnson to reduce Covid-19 measurement and produce a guide for living with the virus. Nadhim Zahawi, a cabinet minister, suggested the lessening of isolation periods can make staffing issues easier.

Tory MPs between Boris Johnson and Covid restriction

On the other side, former chief whip Mark Harper advised the Prime Minister to announce an end to the restrictions. He even warned Mr Johnson that greater rebellion can possibly happen if he tries to extend them later this month, worst than the announcement of Plan B.

PM was understood about set out Covid restriction

The Prime Minister was apprehended to set out further procedures while cases rates stay so high and the NHS tests are under significant pressure. The cases announced on Sunday had fallen in the fifth day in a row.

Mr Zahawi, the Education Secretary, urged lateral flow tests will stay free for the time being. He said the UK Health Security Agency will examine whether the isolation period can be lessened to five days.

“I would be guided by direction from the experts, the scientists, on whether we should proceed to five days from seven days. What you don’t want is to make the wrong product by more increased levels of disease,” added Mr Zahawi.

When the Covid restriction should finish?

Dr Clive Dix, former chairman of Britain’s vaccine task force, said mass testing and vaccination should finish after the booster campaign is over.

“I think we must get to the moment where a young person who gets Covid, having been vaccinated, got levels of protection, but just like if they’ve got a very bad cold or flu, they remain at home… and when they get better they go back to work.”

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