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Investigation revealed London police in chaos

The disclosures add to the months of mess London's Metropolitan Police have taken.

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick (l) and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

On Tuesday, British London police had an investigation that the Metropolitan Police confront a crisis of trust on the portion of the population. The disclosures add to the months of mess London’s Metropolitan Police have taken.

Investigation revealed London police in chaos

They were charged with ignoring women’s safety after a police officer killed a Londoner, or of slowing investigations into Downing Street parties during imprisonment.

Sal Naseem commented about London police in chaos

Sal Naseem, regional director of the IOPC, IGPN UK, stated in a statement that the behaviour was shameful and well below the standard anticipated of the police officers applied.

“These officers worked mainly shifts at Westminster. They have since been dissolved, but from recent cases that this issue is not secret or a thing of the past,” counted him.

The IOPC specifically examined the thousands of messages traded on social networks. Many of them are highly sexual, discriminatory, or guide to brutality. They especially contain an explicit allusion to rape, homophobic or racist terms or considerations to Auschwitz.

Of the 14 police officers targeted, most were based at the Charing Cross police station in central London. Nine of them are still active. They have minimized the messages by putting them on a joke account.

London police investigation started in 2018

An investigation was initially unlocked in 2018 after a police officer was presumed to have sex with a drunk person at a police station. It was later grown.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan stated he was “sickened” by the unacceptable behaviour.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Police apologized and stressed that this behaviour did not describe the organization’s “values” and acknowledged a blow to public trust.

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