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Tips and Tricks to Save Energy and Money on Home Heating

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In winter, heating our home environment is obviously necessary, but unfortunately also expensive. It is estimated that heating costs account on average for more than 50% of annual energy consumption. With a little attention, however, you could also halve your bills.

For this reason we have decided to gather some suggestions on how to save on home heating.

How to Save on Home Heating

In order to optimize the heat emitted by the heating systems we use, it is essential to have some precautions starting from our home environment.

Sometimes it is also very simple and trivial behaviour that makes the difference.

For example, it is a good idea to pull down the shades or close the shutters after sunset. If you haven’t already, replace windows,
door and window frames with insulating elements. In general, you need to use systems that allow you to eliminate draughts and heat leaks. You can even install double glazing in window and door frames to prevent heat loss between the cold outside and the warm inside. Moreover, it is better to install high-efficiency boilers and low-temperature heating systems such as underfloor systems. You must also avoid having the system sized at higher powers than those actually required.

An excellent tip on how to save on home heating is to install smart thermostats and thermostatic valves on traditional radiators. In this way you can limit the use of the heating system only to periods when it is actually necessary. In the case of centralised condominium systems, you can adopt systems for separate heat metering.

This may seem trivial, but it is important to keep the door of unused rooms closed – such as storage rooms or guest rooms. This will prevent hot and cold air from circulating in these rooms as well, and the boiler will have to work less. For the same reason it is also useful to insulate the walls to prevent heat dispersion with the outside.

Tips for Optimal Use of Heating Systems

First of all, just as in summer you have to avoid keeping the air conditioner at too low a temperature, so in winter you have to avoid keeping a too high temperature in the rooms. To limit the consumption of the boiler make sure that the temperature inside the house oscillates around 66°F. For a single degree of higher internal temperature you will increase consumption by about 8%. Avoid opening and closing the windows, because you make the boiler work in vain. Rather, lower the temperature by 1-2 degrees and wear a sweater, so you can remove it if you feel warm. During the night, turn off the boiler or set the timer to turn it on again two hours before you have to get up.

Finally, it is advisable to check the boiler periodically to improve its efficiency. Like any other heating element, it must not be covered with furniture or curtains. Purge the air from the radiators to keep them always at maximum efficiency.

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