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Easy DIY Christmas Decors Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

diy christmas decors

Christmas is approaching and with it comes the time to decorate the house for Christmas. Tree decorations and decorations for the living room or kitchen – during the holiday season we want our entire house to express joy. However, you may think that the whole setting up may be a little expensive.

If that’s the case, don’t worry: you can create also beautiful DIY Christmas Decors!

How to Decorate your Home with DIY Christmas Decors

Embellishing your home with entirely handmade Christmas ideas is easier than you think. First of all, you don’t have to be a guru of handmade.

You can find lots of tutorials online for making beautiful decorations – all you need is just a little time and patience. Once you’ve found the inspiration, you can create a list of the material you need for your creations. Remember that there is nothing better than creative recycling, so try to reuse materials that you already have at home.

The first thing you can do is decorate the Christmas tree. There are many ways to make DIY Christmas balls with different degrees of difficulty. For example, you can decorate polystyrene balls with different techniques. The simplest solution is to coat the ball with glitter powder, soaking it in a solution of water and vinyl glue and then rolling it in the powder. If you have more manual skills, you can try the patchwork technique. Using different pieces of fabric with a Christmas theme you can create very original decorations with different patterns.

Christmas Ideas for the Kitchen and Living Room

When decorating your house for Christmas, don’t forget the kitchen. Giving a Christmas touch to this room is important to create a magical and homogeneous atmosphere throughout the house. For example, you can make very nice chair covers that recall Santa Claus. To make them you will need red and white felt and you do not necessarily have to sew them, but you can also use fabric glue. The result will be very cheerful and with very little effort you will make your kitchen in theme for the holidays.

The living room is probably the place where you will spend the most time during the holiday period. It is the ideal room to decorate the Christmas tree but also where you can receive guests for lunch or dinner.

You can set up your living room with DIY Christmas for your dining or coffee table. You can make DIY table centerpieces that match the rest of the furniture – classic, modern, or shabby chic. Dry pine trees, scented candles and red berries are all you need to create a beautiful centerpiece that goes perfectly with a classic furniture style. In a more modern living room, instead, you can make a centerpiece by filling a glass vase with Christmas balls. The important thing is to choose balls that match the rest of the furniture and have a different finish – matte, glossy or glittered. In this way, you will get a stylish three-dimensional effect.

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