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10 species that have gone extinct in the last 20 years

As the human population increases and climate change and global warming become more prevalent, here's 10 species to have recently gone extinct.

species that have gone extinct

Hundreds of species have gone extinct as humans have developed and spread all across the globe from pollution, greediness, climate change; seemingly everything we touch affects our environment in myriad ways.

10 of the most recent species to go extinct

According to a 2015 study, an estimated 500 species have gone extinct since 1900. These are just 10 of the species to have recently gone extinct.

1. Yangtze River Dolphin

These dolphins from Chian, once famous for frequenting the Yangtze river were declared officially extinct in 2006, mainly thought to be due to pollution.

2. Christmas Island Pipistrelle

Once considered to have covered the sky of the Indian Ocean, this species was led to extinction in 2009 due to the use of pesticides against ants that were its principle food source.

3. West African Black Rhinoceros

These African rhinos were declared extinct after 1997 due to extreme hunting and poaching for their horns, a hoax medicine that has permeated through chinese culture.

4. Liverpool Pigeon

Hunted for meat with very little means to escape, this old close relative of the dodo was included on the extinction list in 2008.

5. Caribbean Monk Seal

This rare species of Caribbean seal disappeared from the world in 2008 following excessive hunting.

6. Madagascar Hippopotamus

These gentle giants gradually found their habitats ruined by pollution and were rapidly hunted for their meat. They were added to the list in 2004.

7. Japanese River Otter

The Japanese river otter was hunted to extinction for their pelts. The last sighting was in 1979 and they were recently declared completely extinct.

8. Pinta Tortoise

This elegant animal based on the Galapagos islands went extinct due to the arrivals of explorers. The last of them, known as “Lonesome George”, passed away in 2012 despite efforts to mate him with other breeds of tortoises.

9. Alaotra Grebe

This small, pretty waterbird of Madagascar was also added to the list in 2010 due to increasing numbers of predatory fish and being caught up in fishing nets.

10. Formosan Clouded Leopard

In 2000, these beautiful leopards from Taiwan were also added to the extinction list following extensive hunting for their fur.

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