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Electric fence for dogs: the facts

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How does the wireless dog fence work?
Components of the wireless fence
The actual pet safe fence is a wire which is stretched around the perimeter of the area to be confined. It is buried, if possible, then attached to a transmitter, which is positioned inside the house or a building such as a garden shed.

Each of the dogs then wears a special collar.

How the pet-safe fence works
The fence transmits a signal, which means that when the dog gets within a few feet of it, a warning sound or beep is heard. If the dog goes any closer, it receives a harmless – but unpleasant – shock, a bit like static electricity.

Training the dog
The dog is trained by being led to the fence, and shown that if it goes beyond the point at which it receives the signal, it receives a shock. Most dogs learn what this means, and never go beyond the point where they receive the beep.
Positive points
No escaping
The system means that dogs can be allowed to run free within a garden or grounds, without any danger of them escaping.

The system is invisible, unlike possibly unsightly high fences.

These pet fences can be fitted to practically any garden, no matter what the shape or size, and are suitable in places where conventional fencing would be impossible. Moreover, it can even be used indoors, if an indoor pet fence is required to keep certain areas pet free.

Easy to fit
The invisible fence is easy to fit, and most suppliers offer a fitting service if required.
Negative points
Lazy pets
Some dogs appear to be impossible to train. There are a number of stories of dogs escaping and running free, possibly into real danger such as main roads. Some animals appear to want freedom so much that they will ignore the shock.

If the dog should manage to slip its collar, the whole system becomes unworkable – though some owners say that their trained dogs will not risk going to the edge of the garden even in such an instance.

There is increasing talk of the system being cruel, and even discussion as to whether it should be made illegal in the UK.

Ultimately, it’s your choice!

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