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Sun Yang, Olympic Swimming Winner banned for eight years

Sun Yang banned for eight years due to a court of arbitration for sport: the motivation

sun yang banned eight years
sun yang banned eight years

A swimmer from China, Sun Yang, has been banned for eight years due to a court of arbitration for sport (Cas) ruling released. Cas maintain an appeal lodged by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) after Fina, The International Swimming Federation release Yang from incident with drug-testers in 2018.

Sun Yang banned for eight years

Before that, Sun banned for three month in 2014 because positive on using stimulant. The consequences of this action is Sun will be stopped for participate in 200-metre freestyle at Tokyo Olympic. Literally, the 28 years-old man is effectively over.

Sun Yan claimed that it is not fair. However, his rivals give various responses from this decision.

The ruling from Cas read: “The CAS Panel unanimously determined, to its comfortable satisfaction, that the Athlete violated Article 2.5 Fina DC (Tampering with any part of Doping Control). In particular, the Panel found that the personnel in charge of the doping control complied with all applicable requirements as set out in the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI).

More specifically, the Athlete failed to establish that he had a compelling justification to destroy his sample collection containers and forego the doping control when, in his opinion, the collection protocol was not in compliance with the ISTI. As the Panel noted, it is one thing, having provided a blood sample, to question the accreditation of the testing personnel while keeping the intact samples in the possession of the testing authorities; it is quite another thing, after lengthy exchanges and warnings as to the consequences, to act in such a way that results in destroying the sample containers, thereby eliminating any chance of testing the sample at a later stage.

Even though, Sun Yang has brilliant achievement. He won two gold medals in 400 metre and 1500 metre freestyle at London Olympic in 2012, then in Rio in 2016, he got gold in 200 metre freestyle.

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