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Motorcycle movies Batpod Catwoman

23 April, 2020
There is some discussion in this video at the beginning as to whether the girl onboard the Batpod is Anne Hathaway or not, but we reckon probably not. The new Batman film - The Dark Knight Rises - will feature…

Christian Bale wears Prada at The Dark Knight premiere

14 April, 2020
Take a look at this picture showing Christian Bale at the premiere of his latest movie The Dark Knight held in London just a few days ago! The Welsh actor dressed in a flawless Prada suit looks absolutely gorgeous and…

Bat-Pod hits the road (w/video)

23 March, 2020
Pull out your Batman leathers by Universal Design ask Jorge Lorenzo who is a super hero fan to have a special Nolan X-Lite themed Batman helmet designed for you, grab your checkbook and race over to Chopper City, USA and…

Batman motorcycle leathers for Comic-Con

20 March, 2020
Universal Designs has developed Batman motorcycle leathers in occasion of the San Diego Comic-Con event this week. The Batsuit leathers look accurate and are actually functional, though they don’t include cape and helmet (we recommend care with the cape lest…