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Miss Italia 2008 is Miriam Leone from Catania

22 April, 2020
Miriam Leone is the new Miss Italia 2008, born on 14/04/1985 in Catania, Sicily, she lives in Acireale with her family.She is an Aries, has green eyes and red hair, is 1.76 metres tall and currently attends the arts faculty…

Italian pasta recipes from Sicily: "pasta alla norma"

25 March, 2020
This pasta dish from Sicily has its origins in Catania and is called “pasta alla norma”. There are various theories as to its name, one of which says that Vicenzo Bellini’s heroine was called Norma, and she was from Catania.Ingredients…

American football in Italy: coaching for pizza

25 March, 2020
While you may not believe this in a land of hard core soccer fanatics, but Italy has its niche following of American football teams and associations. While I suspect this is a good excuse for Americans and Italo-Americans to come…