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Monica bellucci

Monica Bellucci on cosmetic surgery

26 April, 2020
In a recent interview given to A magazine, Monica Bellucci said she happy with her body and has no intention to undergo vanity surgery. Not now anyway. Although she‘s pushing fifty, the Italian actress wears well her age and outshine…

Monica Bellucci sexy for D&G;

25 April, 2020
Monica Bellucci flew to Rome to star in a tv commercial for D&G; the Italian actress who had a child only a few weeks ago, looked more beautiful than ever; the pic was taken in Via della Pace in Rome…

Monica Bellucci photo book

23 April, 2020
Just published by Rizzoli, this photographic book dedicated to Italian actress Monica Bellucci is full of amazing pics which will dazzle the reader! Take a look at our gallery showing a few photos from the book!

Monica Bellucci in lingerie for GQ

22 April, 2020
Monica Bellucci topless and in lingerie is still a very sexy Italian woman at 43 years of age. This photoshoot for GQ Russia shows a gorgeous Bellucci with a vintage touch, dressed in 1950’s style lingerie.Monica Bellucci in lingerie for…

Vincent Cassel's Italian holiday

21 April, 2020
While waiting to walk the Venice red carpet with his wife Italian actress Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel enjoyed a short holiday with his daughter Deva at Sabaudia, a sea-side resort near Rome. Judging from the pics the two had a…

Monica Bellucci in red bikini on set of Rhynos Season

18 April, 2020
Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens once wrote that the more curvaceous a woman the more it was a sign of well-being, plenty and the ability to survive hard times, so now whenever I look at these photos of Monica Bellucci…

Panorma magazine interviews Italian actress Monica Bellucci

16 April, 2020
Italian actress Monica Bellucci granted a long interview to Panorama magazine in which she talked at length about aging and how important it is to accept change. She’s not afraid of growing old at all. When you reach forty, added…

Cannes Film Festival 2008: Sangue Pazzo by M.T. Giordana

16 April, 2020
Sangue Pazzo(tainted blood) directed by Marco Tullio Giordana will be screened out of competition at the Cannes Festival 2008. It tells the story of two famous Italian actors, Luisa Ferida and Osvaldo Valenti. The two were sentimentally involved and had…

Monica Bellucci on love and faithfulness

14 April, 2020
In an interview given to Style, Monica Bellucci revealed that passion though always an important factor is not so fundamental as one could imagine; in a long term relationship it gives way to profounder sentiments. My husband (i.e. French actor…

Monica Bellucci vs Sophia Loren: Italy's most beautiful actress

13 April, 2020
Italy’s most famous actress is Monica Bellucci, according to international news reports which place her above even Sophia Loren - Italy’s sexy actress timeless icon. Bellucci wins out despite films from Sophia Loren including Two Women, Ieri Oggi e Domani…

Italian actress Monica Bellucci talks love and family

11 April, 2020
In a long interview granted to Gioia magazine, Italian actress Monica Bellucci talks at length about her relationship with her husband French actor Vincent Cassel and the secrets behind their successful marriage; according to Mrs Bellucci, two people in love…

Monica Bellucci on working with Robert De Niro

11 April, 2020
Monica Bellucci was thrilled about working with Roberto De Niro. At first, the Italian actress said, we were all in awe before such a big star, but it just lasted for a few minutes. Broken the ice, the whole cast…

Monica Bellucci on the cover of Men's Style Australia

10 April, 2020
Monica Bellucci’s popularity is on the rise! After working with such big stars as Robert De Niro and Gene Hackman, she now lands the cover of Men’s Style Australia, thus proving her status as a true screen goddess. No one…

Monica Bellucci sexy mum for Vanity Fair

9 April, 2020
Monica Bellucci and her baby Leonie grace the cover of Vanity Fair Italia; in the interview Monica talks of what it means to be a mum. She can’t bear to be saperated from her child for a second so they…

Monica Bellucci's interview with Max

9 April, 2020
In a recent interview given to Max, Monica Bellucci talked at length about her husband French actor Vincent Cassel (the two met when Cassel was 28) and the art of seduction. She reminisced about her girlhood when she used to…