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Monica Bellucci: an overview on the life and career of a wonderful woman

A beautiful woman: Monica Bellucci is among the most popular women in the whole world

Monica's career and private life

Sensual and elegant, Monica Bellucci is the representative of Italian beauty abroad. A successful actress, but above all a woman who has never been afraid to show herself for what she is. In this article, we’ll try to make a complete picture of this character, counting her private life and also her career.

Monica Bellucci: her life

Monica was born in Città di Castello in 1964 to her father Pasquale Bellucci, an employee of a transport company, and her mother Brunella Briganti, a housewife. After obtaining the classical high school certificate, she started to work as a model to pay for her studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Perugia. In 1988, she abandoned the university to move to Milan and to devote herself to fashion and acting.

Talking about her sentimental life, Monica married the Italian photographer Claudio Carlos Basso very young, but the two separated within a few months. In 1990, she started a relationship of about six years with the Italian actor Nicola Farron. But it was on the set of the film The apartement that Monica met the man who she consired as the man of her life, theFrench actor Vincent Cassel. The two married in 1999 in Montecarlo and they had two daughters. However, sometimes even the most beautiful love stories end up. In 2013, after some rumors reported by a French gossip magazine, the press office of the actress announced through ANSA the separation of the two after fourteen years of marriage, calling her “by mutual agreement”. After the end of the love with Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci has found love again. In seems, infact, that the actress has a new partner who has remained in the shadows until today.

Monica Bellucci: her career

Monica is divided between the career as a model and the career as an actress.

In 1988, she arrived in Milan, where she paraded on the most important catwalks under contract with the Elite Model Management. The following year, she achieved fame in Paris and New York. Since that time, her career as a model has gone uphill. Infact, she walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and all the most important world brands. She earned the cover of the French magazine Elle and Vogue immediately after. In 2003, again for Dolce & Gabbana, she became the testimonial of the Sicily perfume. Four years later, she was the testimonial for Intimissimi. Since 2008, the stylist John Galliano, together with the make-up artist Tyen, wanted her as testimonial of the Rouge Dior lipstick. This was a very important recognition for Monica, as it is one of the strong points of the French fashion house Dior in the field of make-up. Finally, in 2018 she was chosen also by Nivea as ambassador of the skin care line.

Talking about her career as an actress is not easy, as Monica Bellucci has a huge amount of experiences behind her. Her debut in the world of acting took place in 1990 with the television miniseries “Vita coi figli”, direced by Dino Risi. It was the following year that she made her debut in cinema with a starring role in the film “La riffa“, directed by Francesco Laudadio, and also in “Ostinato destino” in which, however, her voice was dubbed. But Monica‘s successes in cinema are not limited to the Italian context. Very soon, in fact, the actress will be noticed by many foreign directors, who lead her to act in French and American films in particular.

In 1996, after having already achieved considerable fame as a model, she made her debut in French cinema with a starring role in the film Appartement, by Gilles Mimouni. This interpretation lead her to a nomination at the César Awards. From that moment, her career as an actress began and developed successfully in France. The 2002 was the year in which she took part in some famous and important American productions. She played Persephone in “Matrix Reloaded” and “Matrix Revolutions” and then took on the roleof Mary Magdalene in The Passion of Christ, a film directed by Mel Gibson.

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