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Red bull x-fighters

Vespa stunts: pics and video from Nicola Campobbasso

23 April, 2020
The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour finished last Saturday in Rome and the Italians pulled Nicola Campobbasso out of their bag of tricks for the day. Nicola is also known as the ‘impennatore’ or ‘wheeler’ in the sense of one-wheel…

Red Bull X- Fighters 2009 Pyramids of Giza

20 April, 2020
Red Bull does it again and this time it was the freestyle motocross exhibition in front of the Pyramids of Giza. The pyramids played backdrop as Nick de Wit, Chris Birch, Morgan Carlson and Jimmy Verburgh put on a show…

2012 Red Bull X-Fighters to begin tomorrow in Dubai (video)

17 April, 2020
The 2012 edition of the most celebrated freestyle motocross championship in the world, the Red Bull X-Fighters, will kick off tomorrow in Dubai. The first round will be staged at the Jumeirah Beach, with Dubai’s evocative skyline as a background,…

Red Bull X-Fighters scenes from Rome: Nate Adams wins

13 April, 2020
US freestyle rider Nate Adams has won the Red Bull X-Fighters Rome stop, cementing his first place in the overall classification. He was followed on the podium by Andre Villa in second place and Josh Sheehan in third place. The…

Nate Adams wins Red Bull X-Fighters in Brazil (w/videos)

31 March, 2020
100,000 plus Brazilian FMX fans (it’s nice to know that soccer isn’t the only sport they follow) showed up at the “Esplanada dos Ministerios“ in the heart of Brasilia to watch Nate Adams defeat Robbie Maddison in the second round…

Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid

28 March, 2020
Spanish rider Dany Torres grabbed the victory at Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2009 last Friday night in Madrid in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas bullfighting arena. Nate Adams took second, while Robbie Maddison was third.Maddison just four…

Red Bull X-Fighters 2012, Sydney: Top 5 Tricks / video

20 March, 2020
As reported a few days ago, 20 years old Levi Sherwood of New Zealand has won the 2012 Red Bull X-Fighters championshp - arguably the most important title in Freestyle Motocross - in a breathtaking final round in Sydney, Australia.…

Red Bull X Fighters Chris Birch 'crashes' tea party

20 March, 2020
Take a look at Chris ‘Swampy’ Birch during a staid English tea party. The freestyle motocrosser, a regular rider for the Red Bull X Fighters did a little stunting promo at Stowe House, ahead of tonight’s season finale that will…