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Italian recipes: pasta with saffron and anchovy

21 April, 2020
Saffron is often used with risotto, but this time we’ll use this exquisite spice with pasta corta; an innovation that I’m sure you will love! Here are the ingredients: 200 g pasta (short variety); wild fennel; anchovies in oil; 1…

Learn Italian: how to make risotto with the best rice

17 April, 2020
How do you go about choosing the best rice for your risotto? If you’ve ever been to an Italian supermarket, you will have seen, and most likely been confused by, the great variety of Italian rice at hand.And one golden…

Italian traditions: risotto and rice in Italy

23 March, 2020
While rice is said to have come to Italy either from the Orient or Arab nations, Italian rice and risotto is now an essential part of the Italian diet, especially in some northern regions where it is truly a pillar…