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Snow in italy

Italian ski resorts open for night skiing in Italy

24 April, 2020
In some Italian ski resorts, you actually don’t get the opportunity to be the last on the slopes, hiking down the hill in your ski boots because the chair lift closed early. In some alpine Italian ski locations, the slopes…

Snow in Milan doesn't stop motorcyclists

17 April, 2020
I enjoyed the snow in Italy on the weekend, but I went skiing, not travelling to Milan on a motorcycle in the snow. This video was taken just after 7am today on the outskirts of Milan and shows a motorcyclist…

Go-karting on ice in Italy

13 April, 2020
All this talk of snow shoeing in Italy might be a little tame for your tastes of extreme winter sport fun, in which case you can try go-karting on ice. In the Italian province of Trentino you will find Ice-kart…

Visiting Italian alps: carnival in Trentino

27 March, 2020
With so much snow in Italy, this year’s Carnevale, or Carnival time before Easter, will be one to spend skiing in Italy, in the Italian alpine regions. An enchanting place to go is Sant’Orsola, Frassilongo and Palù del Fersina in…

Trekking in Italy by night with snow shoes

26 March, 2020
The traditional snow shoeing by moonlight event in Italy, the “Caspolada al chiaro di luna” will take place in the Alta Valle Camonica at Vezza d’Oglio this year on February 7, though it is just one of many night time…