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Pasta recipes: tagliatelle with mushrooms and rocket

15 April, 2020
Here’s a great Italian pasta recipe for late summer/early autumn with bavette or tagliatelle with mushrooms and rocket. A few other ingredients give it some extra zing, making this a great entree course for any season.Ingredients: 250 grams of bavette,…

Italian Christmas recipes: homemade seafood pasta

11 April, 2020
This Italian Christmas recipe is used as part of the initial Christmas toast at the beginning of the meal, and is an Italian seafood, Christmas pasta recipe.The ingredients for four people are: 400 grams of tagliatelle, 300 grams of turbot…

Italian recipes: tagliatelle with spinach

27 March, 2020
Last Sunday I prepared tagliatelle with spinach and at the end of the meal I had nothing but great compliments from my guests, so why not give it a try? The following recipe serves four.Ingredients 200 g flour; 2 eggs;…

World Tagliatelle Day: celebrating original Italian cooking

24 March, 2020
Today is international “Tagliatelle Day” when the world celebrates one of Italy’s greatest types of pasta. Around the world, more than 1000 Italian chefs will make original pasta recipes based on the traditional Italian dish from Bologna, of “tagliatelle al…

Italian recipes: home made tagliatelle paglia e fieno

16 March, 2020
I have always found tagliatelle delicious! Here‘s an Italian recipe for tagliatelle paglia e fieno or white and green tagliatelle!Ingredients: 2 eggs: 250 g flour; 60 g spinach leaves; saltPreparation: wash the spinach leaves, put them in a blender, add…