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Top ten things to do in Florence

23 April, 2020
Florence is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world; according to Travel & leisure no other city can be compared to it. So if you arrive in Florence and you are in a hurry, maybe this article…

Italy's top ten museums

22 April, 2020
We had the chance to write about the Trivago survey about Italy’s most popular museums last week, but today we have the full list; read below for details: 1° Vatican Museums. More than 4,5 million people every year visit the…

Amico Aspertini's masterpiece on display in Florence

22 April, 2020
From 16 December to 31 January the city of Florence will host an exhibition called Santi, Poeti, Navigatori; partly dedicated to Amico Aspertini, one of the most enigmatic and controversial artists of the Renaissance period, this amazing exhibition - which…

Florence celebrates IV centennial of Caravaggio's death

27 March, 2020
After Rome, another Italian city, Florence, will celebrate the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio ‘s death with an interesting exhibition called Caravaggio e Caravaggeschi The exhibition, which will take place at the famous Palazzo Pitti and Uffizi Gallery from 22 May…

Florence Art Exhibitions: Giotto meets Giovanni da Milano

27 March, 2020
On the occasion of “Un anno ad arte” , A year in Art, Florence will host two very interesting art exhibitions; the first dedicated to Giotto, the second one to Giovanni da Milano. L’eredità di Giotto. Arte a Firenze 1340-1375…

Best Italian museums: Rome tops Trivago list

24 March, 2020
While waiting for the Museum by night event to take place here in Europe, Trivago has just published a list with the most popular museums in Italy. Rome and Florence top it with their most famous museums (i.e. the Vatican…