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Vincent cassel

Vincent Cassel's Italian holiday

21 April, 2020
While waiting to walk the Venice red carpet with his wife Italian actress Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel enjoyed a short holiday with his daughter Deva at Sabaudia, a sea-side resort near Rome. Judging from the pics the two had a…

Monica Bellucci on love and faithfulness

14 April, 2020
In an interview given to Style, Monica Bellucci revealed that passion though always an important factor is not so fundamental as one could imagine; in a long term relationship it gives way to profounder sentiments. My husband (i.e. French actor…

Italian actress Monica Bellucci talks love and family

11 April, 2020
In a long interview granted to Gioia magazine, Italian actress Monica Bellucci talks at length about her relationship with her husband French actor Vincent Cassel and the secrets behind their successful marriage; according to Mrs Bellucci, two people in love…

Monica Bellucci's interview with Max

9 April, 2020
In a recent interview given to Max, Monica Bellucci talked at length about her husband French actor Vincent Cassel (the two met when Cassel was 28) and the art of seduction. She reminisced about her girlhood when she used to…

Monica Bellucci on Chiambretti Night Show

26 March, 2020
Elegantly sheathed in a black dress, Monica Bellucci put in an appearance on the Chiambretti night show and held fort on her life and career for half an hour! She volubly talked about her beginnings as a model, her breaking…

Rome Cinema Festival: red carpet

24 March, 2020
The third Rome Cinema Festival is attracting many stars. The most beautiful? Monica Bellucci who was cynosure of all eyes when all in Black (Dolce Gabbana) she strutted down the red carpet with her husband, the dashing Vincent Cassel, in…