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NGM Forward presents MotoGP and Moto2 teams in Milan

NGM Forward MotoGP riders Colin Edwards, Claudio Corti, and Moto2 riders Mattia Pasini, Simone Corsi, Alex De Angelis and Ricky Cardus were all present for the team’s official launch yesterday evening at the Old Fashion club in Milan.
Giovanni Cuzari, the team owner who is fielding all six riders said, “As NGM has become more famous for having doubled its SIM phones, now we’ll try to become famous for having doubled the number of riders in ouur NGM Mobile FORWARD Racing Team! “In the case of CRT the long-term goal is to maintain the visibility on track even in the case of suffering ‘inconveniences’ and in the short term create a team that has an appealing format for a prospective constructor that might eventually become interested.

It is clear that then have two rides offers a faster and more fluid development of the CRT prototypes.
“In Moto2 the expectations are higher … we aim to double the visibility which is difficult to achieve in a category like this which is very battled and results are crucial.

So we have six riders … 2 in MotoGP and 4 in Moto2 … all under the same colors, with the hope of being able to give emotions and joy to all of those who believe in us.

” “It’s very exciting to start a new season,” added Marco Curioni, the Managing Director.
“We are a young team and every year is a big challenge for us.
This year we’ve grown a lot and we wanted to follow the opportunities that are presented.
We believe in a system that is economically feasible, in which our sponsors are not only patrons but can rely on a real return on their investment.
A system in which our riders, unique and real stars of this show and sport, can dedicate themselves more in preparation and the training, than looking for personal sponsors.
A system in which our technicians, in exchange for their daily commitment can rely on certainity and peace of mind given by continuity and where we ourselves can turn this passion into a professional business, beyond just prestige and visibility.

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