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Gelato flavours: wine icecream in America, NOT Italy

After being accepted as not being an alcoholic bevarge, wine-flavoured gelato is now available in the US.
But in Italy, at least in our office, there’s some horror as to what the rest of the world thinks of Italy.

While the Italians enjoy both gelato and wine, sacred products of this country, they certainly would never presume to put the two together, creating wine icecream.

A quick survey of the office here revealed disbelief that one would attempt such a thing.

The invention is not an Italian one, coming from New York’s Mercer’s Ice Cream, who have developed flavours such as raspberry chardonnay, cherry merlot and peach zinfandel.
It appears the Americans think they’re combining the best of all things Italian, though here the general reaction was “schifo”! (strong word generally meaning “yuk”).
The other irony is that you can’t sell this to children – making for further policing of your kid’s taste.
The world might love all things Italian, but sometimes we just get it so wrong.

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