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Prince Emanuele Filiberto dimisses divorce rumours

To quench divorce rumours, Prince Emanuele Filiberto and her wife French actress Clotilde Courau have publicly reaffirmed the solidity of their marriage.
The young prince who apparently loves to play the field said that such lies are unworthy of attention, but he’s worrying about his two daughters: I must shelter them from all those lies.

They are just two sweet little girls who have the right to have a happy childhood.
I’m really angry at those tabloid lies .
My wife and I won’t stand such attacks on our family any longer! Well, we are glad to hear that there’s no divorce on the horizon, after all divorce is a word that the Savoia family does not love to pronounce; when Vittorio Emanuele was caught with a hooker just a a few years ago and his cousin Amedeo d’Aosta conceived a son out of wedlock , their wives regally shrugged it off!

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