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Misano 125ccGP – Italy vs Spain, Again

You guys know the score by now, the video lasts until Dorna’s watchdogs start scouring YouTube.
Andrea Iannone and Julian Simon had been fighting it out for most of the Misano125cc race until Pol Espargaro who had made a brilliant comeback from twelfth place on the grid, inserted himself between the riders and joined the battle for first place.

Iannone took a last chance desperate pass and dived up the inside of Espargaro’s Ongetta Aprilia, but lost his front taking them both out.
Julian Simon couldn’t believe his luck as he cruised to victory, while the young Spaniard confronted Iannone in the gravel trap, some pushing and shoving followed before Iannone head-butted Espargaro, a childish move since both were wearing helmets.

Iannone was completely furious when interviewed by Italia 1 saying that Espargaro went to him and that he wouldn’t have touched him or his bike, but Espargaro broke his windshield with a punch and he found this utterly disgusting adding that with the Spaniards it’s always this way … Iannone’s rant was put to a stop when the interviewer pulled the mike away.

The rivalry between hot blooded Italian and Spaniards riders has been escalating over the years, with several Italian riders indirectly accusing Dorna of playing favorites.
The Race Direction would later fine Iannone $5000 for his actions.

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