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Ducati receives 'Brand Recognition Award' by the British Government

During the 5th edition of the ‘UK–ITALY Business Awards’ – that took place yesterday in Milan – the British Government and the UK Trade Investment (UKTI) have given Ducati the prestigious ‘Brand Recognition Award’, a further acknowledgement of Ducati’s status as one of the most successful Italian brands in the world.

The ceremony took place at the Palazzo di Mezzanotte, home of Italy’s main stock exchange, where HM Consul General and Director General for Trade & Investment, Mr.
Vic Annels, handed the prize in the hands of Ducati Motor Holding’s President, Mr.

Gabriele Del Torchio (pictured right and left respectively).
Curiously enough, the award comes in the same week that saw Ducati UK announcing that in 2011 they had their best sales result since 2003, thereby marking a significant growth of the brand within the British market.
In his acceptance speech, Mr.
Del Torchio stated: “I am very proud to receive this award on behalf of everyone at Ducati, a prize that recognizes the value of a brand as loved and respected in the United Kingdom as in the rest of world.

Ducati is achieving important and significant results in this country, in terms of both sales and image, and this is a reward to our products and to our strategic management.
” Mr.
Vic Annels also commented: “We are happy to award Ducati with the Brand Recognition Award and we are honoured that such an outstanding and innovative brand has decided to increase its investments in the United Kingdom.
Ducati boasts a long and successful racing history in our country, and we are pleased to see that this fact is mirrored by its commercial policy.

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