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Italian Appennine mountains: culinary tours in Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is an often unexplored region in Italy for tourists, but it offers tourism at convenient prices and some excellent cuisine.
The tour operator Promoappennino has put together some packages that include accommodation and tastings of typical products.
The “Vacanza Gustosa” for example includes enogastronomic experiences such as tasting fresh pasta including tortellini, lasagne, and tagliatelle, and products such as meat, mushrooms and the precious delicacy of Italian truffles.

The tour takes visitors to agricultural firms where they can taste the traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena, parmigiano-reggiano or parmesan cheese, lambrusco and other wine.
There are also cooking classes in Italian cuisine for the more adventurous.
The “Weekend dei sapori” or “weekend of flavours” includes a night’s stay in a three star hotel, while taking tours to discover the products listed above.

Prices vary from 50 euros a person, including breakfast, in Apennine accommodation, with the possibilty of a lunch or dinner with traditional menu, a visit to vinegar or cheese making facilities.
For 35 euros you can get accommodation in a B&B with overnight stay and visits included.

Another weekend includes one of discovery of the crescentina cheese (two nights, three days), which costs 98 euros a person in three star hotels, or 105 euros in an agriturism.
The package includes: two night’s stay and breakfast, lunch or dinner, dinner with crescentina cheese and lard pancakes, and a visit to parmesan cheese and vinegar making facilities.
A B&B visit includes the above but less the lunch and dinner for 34 per person for a double or 40 euros for a single.
Among the cooking classes for Italian cuisine, there is the lard pancakes, as mentioned above, at either the Museo del Borlengo, or at Lame di Zocca where the 20 euros price includes tasting, certificate and an apron as a momento.

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