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Culinary tours italy

Culinary tours and Italian cooking classes

15 April, 2020
While this might be confusing for Italians who can’t understand why you want to cook while on holiday, culinary tours in Tuscany and other regions, are nothing new for tourists to this country. Generally aimed at promoting local specialties, the…

Culinary tours, food festivals and wine tasting in Italy

2 April, 2020
There are many culinary tours of Italy that you can do, to enjoy the traditional Italian products in different regions, and today we give you a few names of companies that might help in planning your Italy by taste itinerary.…

Italian Appennine mountains: culinary tours in Emilia Romagna

29 March, 2020
Emilia Romagna is an often unexplored region in Italy for tourists, but it offers tourism at convenient prices and some excellent cuisine. The tour operator Promoappennino has put together some packages that include accommodation and tastings of typical products.The “Vacanza…

Italian food and Porsche for culinary event in Udine

27 March, 2020
Not quite a culinary tour of Italy in a Porsche, the ‘Via dei sapori “in” Porsche’ at Udine is a chance to get close to some luxury cars and enjoy a hearty Italian meal from Friuli, too. On March 24th…

Tuscan farmhouse stays and cooking lessons

17 March, 2020
If you were looking for the perfect weekend in Tuscany, with wine tasting, wellness centres and Tuscan cooking lessons, you could try the Country Resort Monsignore della Casa near Florence. The country resort offers traditional Tuscan style with rustic rooms,…