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Video: How to make arancini di riso alla catanese

For today’s cooking show we give you these videos on how to make arancini.
Arancini are a Sicilian speciality and have that great get-your-hands-dirty cooking style.
I once had an Italian chef say that the best tool in the kitchen are the hands.

The following video (in the tradition from Catania) shows you step-by-step how to make arancini di riso – that is rice arancini.

Basically you start with a tomato mix which you then combine with boiled rice and cheese.
Rolling this mixture into balls you then cover it in bread crumbs (the step shown in the brief video below) before leaving them to rest.

Before eating the last step is to fry them in plenty of oil which means the cheese melts throughout the rice mixture – it’s really really good!

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