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Italian food festivals: polenta 'sagra' in Lazio

21 April, 2020
An unusual Italian food festival celebrating polenta will take place at Castel di Tora, Rieti in the region of Lazio. The ‘sagra‘ will take place on February 21st at the gates to the historic town centre where an enormous copper…

How to make 'Cotoletta'

8 April, 2020
It’s very exciting for us to present our first video on Blog Dolce Vita, and what better than to choose an educational one. This is a cute depiction of how to make “cotoletta“. The video starts in Italian but then…

Video: How to make arancini di riso alla catanese

29 March, 2020
For today’s cooking show we give you these videos on how to make arancini. Arancini are a Sicilian speciality and have that great get-your-hands-dirty cooking style. I once had an Italian chef say that the best tool in the kitchen…

Traditional Italian Easter recipes: lamb with vegetables

29 March, 2020
If you are looking for a recipe for your Easter meal, you have come to the right place. This Italian lamb-based dish is simply delicious. Here are the ingredients: 600 g chopped lamb; 3 carrots, 100 g shelled peas; 300…

Italian food and Porsche for culinary event in Udine

27 March, 2020
Not quite a culinary tour of Italy in a Porsche, the ‘Via dei sapori “in” Porsche’ at Udine is a chance to get close to some luxury cars and enjoy a hearty Italian meal from Friuli, too. On March 24th…

Italian sweets and desserts: Easter cake

24 March, 2020
I found this Italian recipe in an old book, so a few days ago I prepared it for my friends and it was a great success. Why not give it a try? Here’s what you need:250 g flour; 100 sugar;…