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Who is Elisabetta Canalis: Clooney's Italian show girl

Elisbetta is one of Italy’s sexiest and most famous show girls, or “veline“.
The famous “veline” are chosen as part of the satirical Italian television show “Striscia la notizia”, when a brunette and a blonde are paired as dancers on the show.

Elisabetta won the “veline” competition back in 1999 and was coupled with hot blonde Maddalena Corvaglia, becoming Italy’s favourite veline of all time.

The pair did the show until 2002, and Elisabetta fulfilled the stereotype of veline girlfriends for footballers, dating Brasilian Reginaldo Ferreira da Silva.

To list all Canalis’ acting gigs and modelling successes would be too much but here’s a few: 2002 calendar with veline mate Maddalena, selling 700,000 copies, Canalis Max calendar 2003, Biagio Antonacci videoclip, brief appearances in Deuce Bigalow and Decameron Pie, and she is currently MTV Italia host.
Recent gossip from Italy has Elisabetta paired with George Clooney, in a love story that has all Italy talking.
If Canalis and Clooney prove to be an item, the Italians will be especially proud of their home grown velina.
Elisabetta Canalis Italian show girl Canalis was born at Sassari in 1978 and first found success during her university days studying literature and foreign languages.

Check out our gallery of Elisabetta Canalis pics and below a video of Canalis’ veline days.

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