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New Zealand Confirms Coronavirus Case for the First Time

New Zealand confirms first case of Coronavirus and the person who has it is in their 60s.

new zealand confirms coronavirus case
new zealand confirms coronavirus case

The first coronavirus case has been confirmed in New Zealand. The person who has coronavirus positivity is in their 60s and was being treated in Auckland City Hospital.

New Zealand confirms first Coronavirus case

A person who infected is from Iran who travelled to Auckland via Bali.

The patient arrived in Auckland via Bali on Wednesday then brought to the hospital because the individual’s condition with the family member.

“They are in an improving condition in isolation, in a negative pressure room to prevent any spread of the disease,” the health department said in a statement.

Because of this condition, the official asked passengers who flied with Emirates Airline in Wednesday, which goes from Bali to Auckland, to tell and contact authorities for their condition. They need to check their health so the virus not spread in New Zealand. However, authorities said that the chance of community outbreak remain low and the situation was being well managed.

Before that, David Clark, the health Minister said that New Zealand has strict travel bans on arrival from Iran, similar to people who come from China. It because, in Iran, coronavirus has killed 26 people. It is the large number of death outside China because of coronavirus.

Obviously this situation in Iran is concerning, there is ongoing spread of the disease there and a large degree of uncertainty about the scale of the outbreak and the ability to contain it. The information that’s coming out of Iran appears to be out of step with what’s coming out of other countries in terms of the death rate per incidence

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