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Covid: the list of people who can be tested

A detailed list of people who could be tested for Covid in the UK has been published.

Key workers test covid
Key workers test covid

A list of people who can be tested to see if they are positive for Covid has been released. A lot of Britons will be tested for Covid-19, regardless of if they show symptoms or not. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said tests would be available to asymptomatic residents and staff of care homes, and patients and staff in the NHS. He also said that workers who have to leave their homes to carry out their jobs would also now be eligible for testing, but only if they showed symptoms.

Covid: the list of people who can be tested

The full list of people who can be tested for coronavirus as detailed on the government website are:

  • All those working on the frontline in health and social care (with or without symptoms)
  • Patients in the NHS and residents in care homes (with or without symptoms)
  • All other essential workers with symptoms
  • People who live with essential workers and have symptoms
  • People over 65 with symptoms
  • Anyone who goes into work because they cannot work from home (for example, construction workers) and has symptoms

Mr. Hancock later added: “Testing is now available to all over 65s, and their households if they have symptoms. Any worker who needs to leave their home in order to go to work, and their households, if any of them have symptoms can also get a test. This means construction workers to emergency plumbers, research scientists to those in manufacturing, can now be tested. All they need to do is go on the internet and apply for a test”.

The Government also announced that it will release daily updates on the number of deaths from Covid-19 in care homes and in the community. The UK figure in hospitals today reached 21,749, but there are fears the real figure including care homes could be as much as 55% higher. There have been 4,343 deaths involving Covid-19 in just two weeks.

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