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Migrants drowned in Channel, baby still missing

A baby is still missing and his family has drowned in the Channel today, October 28, after the boat they were on sank. 15 people have been transferrend to an hospital in France.


The baby Artin is still missing, while its family, four Kurdish-Iranian from Sardasht, has drowned in Channel after the boat they were on sank. Other 15 people received hospital treatment in France.

A journey to claim asylum in Britain

Their journey started on August 7, when they left Iran to reach Turkey. It endend yesterday, at 9.30 am, when the day-fishing dinghy they were on capsized, because of very bad weather conditions. They paid smugglers £21,600 to get across the Channel.

This is how Rasoul Iran-Nejad, 35, Shiva Mohammad Panahi, 35, Anita, 9, and Armin, 6, lost their lifes. On the boat there were other 15 people. They have been transferred to a French hospital, recovered from hypotermia. They also reported to the authorities that a child, Artin, went missing after falling overboard.

A search-and-rescue operation started yesterday, October 27, but it was called off at night due to darkness and bad weather. It was resumed this morning, just to certify that there was no chance of finding more survivors.

At the same time, the French police began an investigation to find the smugglers. The enquire’s focus is on suspected manslaughter, causing injuries and assisting people in an irregular situation. So far, Sébastien Piève, the Dunkirk prosecutor, said that no suspect has been yet caught, but there are some surviors in custody due to possible connection with a smuggling gang.


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