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Aprilia RXV 4.5 in action at Dakar

26 April, 2020
Here are some pics of the Aprilia RXV 4.5 in action live at the 2010 Dakar. In a successful result, Aprilia came in third overall with Francisco Lopez as the rider, after winning three first places throughout the various stages.…

Budapest Bamako rally videos

24 April, 2020
I actually had a friend who completed the Budapest-Bamako rally this year, but I haven’t asked him yet how it went for him (he did it with four wheels and not two, though). The rally is a bit like the…

BMW 450 X, Dakar 2009

19 April, 2020
From the Motociclismo we get some juicy news with these shots of the Dakar Rally Raid BMW 450 X.The images come from the ToolEnduro site, a French magazine from the sector, reporting that the shots were taken outside a dealership.…

Veteran Dakar rider takes Marathon title

17 April, 2020
You may recall that veteran Dakar rider, Franco Picco, participated in this year’s 2010 Dakar, 25 years after his first time in the endurance race. And at the age of 54, Picco is still capable of inspiring, having won the…

Aprilia RXV 4.5 first Dakar victory

11 April, 2020
The Aprilia RXV 4.5 has just won its first 2010 Dakar stage, with rider Francisco Lopez on board. The whacky but cool bike is a new entry for Aprilia, with the change to 450 cc models making it competitive this…

Dakar 2010: Marc Coma wins stage nine

9 April, 2020
Over the shortened route for the Stage 9 of Dakar 2010, Marc Coma won the stage with his KTM. The stage was about 170 km long due to severe fog in some areas, and it also marks the last stage…

The New Dakar 2009: the toughest race

8 April, 2020
Apparently “the New Dakar will be the toughest race in the world.” The New Dakar “Argentina-Chile” 2009 will run from January 3 until 19. The start will occur at Buenos Aires, on the “plaza de la Republica”.This renewed Dakar will…

KTM returns to Dakar after 450cc restriction postponed

27 March, 2020
KTM has apparently listed some riders in next year’s Dakar race, despite previous reports that KTM had quit Dakar. The decision has come after a re-scheduling of the 450cc limit. The Dakar site reports:Further to the numerous discussions that have…

New KTM 450 Rally and Cyril Despres: video

21 March, 2020
The KTM 450 Rally is KTM’s response to changes which initially threatened to stall its 10-year dominance of the Dakar rally. While Aprilia proved in the last edition that it knows how to build a competitive 450cc bike with its…

Funny motorcycle Friday: Dakar bike in grave

16 March, 2020
The Dakar 2010 has already provided us with some news but nothing quite as bizarre as this. Swedish rider Annie Steel on a KTM, on swapping from one part of the track to another, managed to save herself from falling…

2011 Dakar promo video

14 March, 2020
After rumours that the legendary Dakar race would go back to African soil, the 2011 Dakar will take place again in Argentina and Chile. Registrations for the race opened on May 15th and a Dakar world publicity tour has just…