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Marco Melandri to Sign with Hayate Team

22 April, 2020
It seems that the first part of the Kawaski/Dorna/Melandri/Hayate soap opera is ending on a positive note, because according to French website MotoCaradisiac and English website MCN are both reporting that Marco Melandri has decided to sign and continue riding…

Melandri debuts in Qatar Test with Hayate Team

25 March, 2020
Marco Melandri finally made his first 2009 preseason appearance after having missed the first test of the year at Sepang in February on the Kawasaki ZX-RR machine with the newly formed Hayate Racing Team. The Hayate team will be led…

Marco Melandri signs 1 year contract with Hayate

25 March, 2020
We can call it cut and wrap, the Kawasaki/Dorna/Hayate/Melandri soap opera that started at the end of December is over and Carmelo Ezpeleta can finally stop biting his nails because Marco Melandri has finally and officially confirmed that he has…

Good-Bye Hayate

23 March, 2020
The Hayate Racing Team was born on the ashes of the late Kawasaki team who officially pulled out of the MotoGP championship last January, now according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Kawasaki has decided also to pull the plug on…
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