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Parmesan cheese

Italian recipes: spaghetti omlette with Parmesan cheese

23 April, 2020
With this new recipe you will save time, money and eat great!Ingredients: 3 eggs; leftover spaghetti; butter; Parmesan cheese; culinary herbsPreparation: chop the spaghetti and place in a bowl. Next add the eggs, Parmesan cheese, aromatic herbs, and a pinch…

Italian recipes: Parmesan cheese mousse

19 April, 2020
I’m crazy about cheese. I’m always hunting for news recipes and love to experiment with new flavours, throwing in ingredients that somehow catch my fancy; now a spoon of honey, now an exotic condiment! So if you, like me, love…

Italian recipes: fried dough from Parma

7 April, 2020
This recipe is from Parma, a city in Northern Italy famous for its exquisite cheese (i.e. Parmesan cheese) and ham. Ingredients: 250 g flour; 20 g yeast; 4 oz water ; 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil; corn oil (deep…

Italian snack recipes: parmesan pudding

6 April, 2020
We’ve looked at plenty of Italian snacks here on Dolce Vita, but this is the first I’ve heard of anything like this Italian cheese snack. If you’re going to throw an Italian snack party, you could try this “parmesan cheese…

Italian recipes: risotto with mushrooms

30 March, 2020
Mushrooms are perfect for the Holiday Season and can be easily paired with a variety of exquisite wines. Here’s a recipe that stands out from the rest:Ingredients: 1/2 litre milk, 400 g porcini mushrooms, 150 g semolina, 80 g butter,…

Italian Christmas recipes: parmesan and prosciutto quiche snacks

24 March, 2020
A traditional Italian Christmas menu probably doesn’t include finger food and snacks, but if you’re entertaining for people on Christmas Eve and still want something Italian, this parmesan and parma ham (or prosciutto crudo) snack could do the trick.You’ll need…

Italian recipes: pasta with ricotta and mushrooms

23 March, 2020
If you are in a hurry but want to cook a lovely meal for your family (or friends), this quick and easy Italian recipe is what you need. Ingredients: 200 g pennette pasta; 100 g ricotta cheese; 300 g mushrooms…

Italian recipes for fall: eggplant parmigiana

22 March, 2020
Eggplants, or aubergines, are in season at the moment and with the days getting shorter and temperatures lower, it’s time to try the comfort food of the traditional Italian recipe, melanzane alla parmigiana. I did my first attempt with an…