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Silvio berlusconi

Berlusconi scandals: Silvio's daughter speaks out

6 April, 2020
Silvio Berlusconi’s daughter, Barbara Berlusconi, recently posed for a photo shoot with the Vanity Fair Italian edition, and also conceded a long interview to the magaine in which she discussed the Italian prime minister’s sex scandals over the last year.…

Berlusconi for Italian tourism video spoof

4 April, 2020
We’ve already seen Silvio Berlusconi’s Magic Italy tourism campaign, and now the Italian prime minister has lent his voice to a television commercial encouraging Italians to explore Italy for themselves. The country is in full economic crisis mode and this…

Lory del Santo would marry only Andreotti or Berlusconi

1 April, 2020
Former Italian actress and model, Lory del Santo, has revealed who she would most like to marry in the world. Del Santo was born in Veneto on September 28, 1958, and is famous for her relationship with Eric Clapton in…

Patrizia d'Addario pics: escort girl from Berlusconi scandal

31 March, 2020
These pics show Italian escort girl Patrizia d’Addario, who is at the centre of the latest Silvio Berlusconi scandal. Evidence in the form of taped conversations provided by Patrizia allegedly prove that escorts were paid to attend parties at Palazzo…

Barbara Berlusconi graduates with top honours amidst controversy

28 March, 2020
Silvio Berlusconi’s daughter, Barbara Berlusconi, has graduated in philosophy at Milan’s San Raffaele university with top honours but not without controversy. Clearly being the prime minister’s daughter (and just any prime minister, we should add), there were whisperings that she…

Thief breaks into Berlusconi's villa

27 March, 2020
Maybe the thief did not know that the luxury villa he wanted to rob belonged to Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s prime minister. The burglar, a man from Milan in his late thirties, tried to break into the villa where Piersilvio Berlusconi…

Silvio Berlusconi and Ronaldinho: AC Milan player told to behave

21 March, 2020
Silvio Berlusconi is both a controversial figure as Italy’s prime minister and as the president of AC Milan football club. An unimpressed Berlusconi has apparently requested AC Milan player Ronaldinho to make a special commitment to the team in the…

Italian showgirl Alessandra Sorcinelli in Berlusconi scandals

21 March, 2020
It seems that Alessandra Sorcinelli, a former Italian showgirl, has been demoted to call girl, at least in the UK press as The Telegraph reports on the Silvio Berlusconi sex scandals. We originally mentioned Alessandra way back in 2009 when…

Barbara Berlusconi holidays in Sardinia

20 March, 2020
Barbara Berlusconi appears in these pics on holiday in Sardinia, with her partner Giorgio Valaguzza. The couple stayed at the now infamous Villa Certosa, where Barbara was able to speak to her father, Silvio Berlusconi, about her interview with Vanity…

Silvia Toffanin to deliver a boy for Berlusconi

17 March, 2020
A month ago we were among the first to publish the news about Silvia Toffanin’s rather unexpected pregnancy! Now we can confirm that it will be a baby boy! Apparently Piersilvio Berlusconi , Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s eldest son,…

Barbara Berlusconi and Pato first public kiss

16 March, 2020
The love story between Silvio Berlusconi’s younger daughter Barbara and AC Milan player Alexandro Rodrigues da Silva also known as Pato continues; after being spotted dining together only last week, the two have now decided to come out into the…