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Urban mobility

World's first start&stop bike: Honda PCX125 more pics

9 April, 2020
Here are more pics of the Honda PCX125 scooter. It’s said to be the world’s first bike with start&stop technology which is a fuel saving device whereby the engine stops when a vehicle is stationary. This makes perfect sense for…

Yamaha Releases EC-03 Electric Scooter

6 April, 2020
We first saw the Yamaha EC-03 concept at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show (see video after the jump) now Yamaha will launch the e-scooter on September 1st in Toyko and a month later in the rest of Japan and then…

Honda EV-neo Electric Scooter to be Released in 2010

30 March, 2020
“Quiet and clean” are the key words that Honda is using to promote their new EV-neo, an electric scooter with zero CO2 emissions, specifically designed for business use by delivery companies.The Ev-neo was first seen as a concept at the…

Pic of the day: exercise bike furniture

20 March, 2020
A little off-topic but we had to share this one-wheeled exercise bike invention with you. Designed by Luca Schieppati for Lamiflex Spa, the ‘ciclotte’ is supposed to be an exercise bike that doubles as a snazzy piece of furniture, meaning…

General Motors EN-V electric urban vehicles pics and video

15 March, 2020
We’re going to call these General Motors EN-V concepts scooters, for want of a better word. Developed in collaboration with the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, the concepts are a vision for new urban mobility vehicles, which were developed with help…