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Which is the best upright vacuum?

© williac (Flickr) Dyson
© williac (Flickr)
A vacuum that meets your needs
There are three main factors to take into consideration, the first being the types of flooring you will clean with your vacuum.

If your home is mainly carpeted, the best upright vacuum is one which allows you to raise and lower the height of the floor cleaning head according to the depth of pile.

It should have a hard floor attachment for cleaning small areas of hard flooring such as the kitchen or bathroom.

If you have mainly hard floors, an upright may not be the best purchase as you will use a hard floor tool on the extension wand without the maneuverability of a cylinder cleaner.

Next, measure the length of your staircase. You will have to purchase a vacuum with a suction hose long enough to allow you to clean all the treads and risers without moving the main body of the cleaner. An upright vacuum cleaner cannot be balanced on a stair tread.

Ensure the upright vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a sufficient number of extension wands. If you have very high or vaulted ceilings, you will have to be able to reach right into the corners to remove any dust or cobwebs that accumulate.
One vacuum or two
You also need to decide if you want to purchase an upright vacuum with all its tools for above floor cleaning on board, or an upright vacuum which cleans only floors and a portable vacuum for cleaning upholstery, curtains and other surfaces.

The first option offers convenience as you can easily vacuum a chair or dust a set of shelves while you are cleaning. However, the second one offers the chance to enjoy using lightweight vacuums, as uprights for floors only and portables generally weigh less than other machines.
Final decision
Once you have decided on the type of upright you need, identify suitable models. Read as many reviews as possible. This will give you a good idea of how the vacuums perform on carpets, hard floors and other surfaces.
Look also for models which are easy to convert from floor cleaning to use of accessories.
Take a look at Which.co.uk and note which upright cleaners they rate as the best.

Be guided by their list of upright vacuums to avoid at all costs. If you follow these guidelines, you should find the best upright for your home.

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