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Ducati "Kill Me Fast" by Von Hornsleth

When we took the first cursory glance at these photos, we went bug eyed and immediately thought that Valentino Rossi and Aldo Drudi had teamed up again and decided to go crazy with the palette, instead these Ducati’s 1098 and 1198 were done by highly controversial Danish artist, Kristian von Hornsleth.

What inspired von Hornsleth to call this series “Kill Me Fast” and based on Ducati’s almost impossible to make more stunning superbikes?“You don’t feel anything as you hit the wall with 320 Km/h”, said the salesman when I asked him if it was dangerous to ride such a bike.

Then I wondered why, I myself was so fascinated by this relation between amazing italian design and the superior engine technology.
It is precisely this blend of beauty, speed and death, which inspired me to include this ’scuplture’ in my artistic work.
The painted lines and forms interacts in a ‘futilistic’ attempt to investigate and challenge the given logic of the Ducatis design.
If you can’t afford one of the ten motorcycles in the series, you could settle for a poster, they come in three sizes, just hit the artist’s website for more info.

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