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More teaser pics for new Suzuki V-Strom

Here are what we’re hoping are the final teaser pics of the new 2012 Suzuki V-Strom or Suzuki adventure bike.
These are the first real images of the actual bike itself and we can make out some of the redesigned features.

The front of the bike seems to have been reworked with a smoother look and smaller headlights.

The rear of the new bike is covered with new storage boxes and so we’re guessing that means the whole offroad touring adventure thing will be a focus.

The chassis looks new and we’ve been lead to believe that this bike will be entirely different from the outgoing V-Strom, although so far Suzuki is playing the teaser images game and no engine details have been hinted at.
When are we actually going to see the new Suzuki adventure bike properly revealed? The month of June has promised more than one date, but apparently a presentation to the press will take place on June 27, so we have more time to sit back and wait – but hopefully Suzuki will spare us more of its teaser campaign in the meantime.

New Suzuki V-Strom more teasers

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