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IFR Aspid Sports Car: lightweight and performance-driven

Five years of development, and the canvas was already famous at the beginning: adding a rigid roof and some comfort to a lightweight.
And that’s it.
IFR Automotive will present its efforts on the Aspid Sports Car at the next London show: this is a two-seater car with a comic-book look.

A 2.
0 power-step engine will produce 270hp, while that equipped with the compressor will hit 400hp.
Limited slip differential and a six-speed manual transmission complete the package.
Performance shows off that of a supercar: in 2.
8 seconds you can be cruising at 100km/hr, or for 100 mph you’ll have to wait a whole 5.

9 seconds.
The feather weight of 700 kg means you can really feel the performance.
Ignacio Fernández Rodriquez from the company, has defined the Aspid as a new standard in driving pleasure.
“Our objective consists of the forging of a new definition of the supercar, to show what a truly performancedriven car can or should be.
” The twin-seater will be the first car in Europe to satisfy FIA safety norms and those of the European Union – we’re not surprised that the price is more than 95,000 euro.


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