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2013 Subaru WRX Concept: image gallery, specs

With the latest Impreza looking like any other hatchback and as Subaru no longer compete for the World Rally Championship, there really isn’t a Subaru that a kid would want pictured on their wall or an adult would have as a screen saver on their computer.

But that will change if the Subaru WRX Concept is put into production.

From these artist renderings it’s clear that the Japanese marque have tried to replicate the stunning visual impact that previous generations of the Impreza had.
We’re thinking about the saloon shaped Imprezas that won World Rally Championships with Colin McRae and Petter Solberg.

Although the front end reminds us of an Impreza, this isn’t a new generation of the firm’s most famous car.
Subaru hasn’t used the word Impreza in any of their press releases, instead they’ve majored on the machine’s visuals.
The car’s roof is made from carbon fibre to save weight and there are yello brake calipers.
The small wing mirrors that don’t look like they’ll offer much information on the road behind you will be replaced before the car comes into production, as will the headlights.

At the rear, quad exhaust pipes and an aggressive looking diffuser give a mean and sporty look.
Subaru WRX ConceptWe think the look Subaru has gone for is somewhere between the sporty elegance found in a BMW 3-Series and the mean urban look of a Chrysler 300C.
If they’re aiming at those markets when the concept is pushed into production, they’ll have a big seller on their hands.
But before we get too excited we’ll need some specs, as a really impressive Subaru is one that can thrill you with its pace not just its looks.

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