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All wheel drive Ferrari hybrid technology

If you’re a dedicated Ferrari fan you might be wondering what’s happening at a company so steeped in powerful supercar tradition that it’s hard to imagine it would ever dabble in modern ecological technology.
But leaked drawings reveal that Ferrari is developing hybrid plans.

The designs show an electric motor powering two wheels with a combustion engine powering the remaining wheels, or two electric motors placed inside the wheels themselves, combined with the same previous combustion engine system.

Ferrari is arguing that it’s hybrid technology will be used not to increase fuel efficiency necessarily, but to create an effective all wheel drive vehicle with refined handling.

The scoop comes from Autocar who believes that the all wheel drive system would work such that the driver can choose between 4×4 or rear wheel drive mode.
The options would give Ferrari an almost offroad edge, using rear wheel drive in optimal driving conditions, and the 4×4 version in more difficult driving situations.
Autocar also reports that Ferrari is likely to use the hybrid technology with a start-stop system, proving that fuel efficiency is, actually, a big part of the development.

This would also be a huge step for Ferrari, changing the style of its vehicles, and we’re starting to wonder if that classic Ferrari engine rumble may disappear.
For this reason, according to Autocar, Ferrari intends to make the start-stop system an option; to be switched on and off according to the driver’s wishes and the ladies who might or might not be around to impress.

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