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How to find jobs in the uk

1. Select the area to look for work
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Firstly, the United Kingdom is home to over 60 million people so, to ensure you stand the greatest chance of securing employment, perhaps it would be better to try finding work in your local area or an area of the country that most appeals to you.

2. Localise your search
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© timparkinson (Flickr)

Decide on one or two towns or cities and concentrate your efforts on the job vacancies currently on offer in those locations.
3. What jobs interest you the most?
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Another way to cut down your search into smaller objectives is to look at only those jobs that are of interest to you.

Using your interests or past work experience is usually the best route to finding your next paid employment.
4. Use agencies in your search
© stan (Flickr) Winner Employment Agency
© stan (Flickr)

Use recruitment and or employment agencies to help in your search to find a job. Many of these agencies are part of a national company and have branches in many major towns and cities across the country.

Registering with one branch office can give you access to work opportunities in other areas of the country. You just have to state your preferred areas of where you would like to work.
5. Real offices and websites
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© Ambernectar 13 (Flickr)

Most agencies, as well as having real offices in the centre of many cities, also have websites that can easily be searched to find the position that best suits your needs. Many agencies specialize in certain areas of employment, so it is always best to find the ones that are specialists in the type of employment you are looking for.
6. Specialist agencies
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© Fotos Gov/Ba (Flickr)

Use IT agencies if you are interested in a career in IT. Similarly if your forte is healthcare, and if you are looking for jobs in hospital work such as a nursing career, then use an agency that specializes in hospital related employment.
7. Job centres
© Jason Cartwright (Flickr) Job Centre, Sidmouth
© Jason Cartwright (Flickr)

As well as the above suggestions, many people successfully find employment through their local Job Centre. They tend to have listings of local vacancies, although they can help you with positions available nationally.

You can use their computers located within their offices to complete a search as well as ask for advice if needed. Alternatively, you can find all this information on their website.

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