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All about: make a wish foundation

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All about the Make A Wish Foundation
The Make A Wish Foundation is a charity organization that has been granting the wishes of terminally ill children since 1980. Since 1980 over 250,000 kids have had one of their dreams and wishes come true.

The Make A Wish foundation started with the wish of one young boy wanting to be come a police officer. It has since grown and touched the lives of families all over the US.

Accompanying carers of terminally ill children
The Make A Wish Foundations is not just about the children. It is also about the families of those kids who are suffering along with their children. The non profit organization works with various sponsors such as Disney, Avis, Delta Airlines, Macy’s and many more. It is said the Make A Wish Foundation grants a wish every 40 minutes. They all work together to give a child their one last big wish – something the child and the family will remember.
Getting your wish granted!
You may think picking the kids is as a simple as drawing a name of a hat, but there is actually steps to it. You follow the steps and if you meet the criteria, you could potentially be chosen. The steps are as follows:

Step 1:

You need a referral to the foundation. It could be you, a family member, or a medical professional, or anyone who can vouch for you.

Step 2:

Medical Eligibility

The Make A Wish Foundation will contact your physician to determine if you are eligible medically. You have to have a life threatening illness in order to be considered.

Step 3:

Finding The Wish:

The foundation‘s wish team that is sent out to meet with the child and family. They are sent out meet with you and talk to you so they can give you that ultimate wish.

Step 4:

Granting The Wish:

If all goes well, you will receive the one thing that your heart desires.

If you think you may know someone who is eligible simply go to Wish.org and click on the link there to refer a child. Kids have wished for trips, to meet their favourite celebrity, shopping sprees, and some even got their own horse. The sky is the limit. If you can dream it, the Make A Wish Foundation can make it happen.

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