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Where to find educational websites for kids

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So what’s on offer?
Education for children has changed immensely in the last ten years.Today’s children are all being taught by completely different methods as , let’s say, the children in the 50s and 60s.

New methods of teaching

Today’s scholars are taught from a very early age, like from pre-school, all about computers and most children are computer literate by the time they reach primary school. While the Internet is a wonderful source of valuable information, it can also be a very dangerous tool if misused. Thus, we need to keep a close and watchful eye on our children to ensure they can reap the benefits of learning websites whilst remaining safe.
Here are a couple of safe websites which you can trust your child to use without worrying:
Funbrain.com is a good fun arcade-style website which many teachers recommend as it involves several maths questions. Hence, children can learn while having fun.Another one is Minyanland.com. This is a good choice if your child likes virtual worlds. This one also involves a lot of maths questions but, usually, the children will not notice as they will be too busy having fun. Work or play?
Hence, can the use of computers in schools and at home be considered as a vital source of help in our children’s education or are they necessarily evil?

They are a valuable tool in our children’s learning and if the dreaded homework can be made more enjoyable by using these child-friendly educational websites, then we should let them use them. However, we should monitor our children and use the security offered. We should let them enjoy the help which the computer-age provides as it may even prompt them to do more homework. After all, who said learning can’t be fun?

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